AI-powered compliance
for Data Privacy
and Protection Laws

Graplix stands as your dedicated partner in navigating data privacy and protection laws, ensuring the respectful and responsible management of stakeholder data. We place trust at the heart of your business, fueling your growth with integrity.


Our revenue-sharing and transparent resource management model attracts and retains top-level talent while ensuring outstanding performance, engagement and ownership.


We recruit in North America, Europe, Africa and internationally very high-level profiles based on their experience, degrees and passion towards healthcare.

We foster lasting trust between stakeholders
and companies

We help both parties by ensuring explicit usage consent and full
transparency in handling personal data and digital identity. We use AI to go beyond legal compliance, protecting both parties' interests.
Our commitment extends to both the government and customers, with a 5-year contract and 24-7 support for data breaches along with a dedicated legal team for audits.
Bill 25 In-A-Box
End-to-end partner for law compliance including consent collection and law firms partnership management.
AI Enabled
First solution to leverage AI to address data chaos and provide continuous compliance monitoring.
Best of IT and Legal Worlds
High-end MDM and bilingual legal compliance management.

How do we use AI?

Discovery, Classification and Unification of data

Graplix AI automatically analyze and classify data within an organization's systems, identifying personal and sensitive information. This assists organizations in understanding what data they possess, where it is located, and whether it is subject to Law 25.

Anonymization and Pseudonimyzation

Graplix AI is used to anonymize or pseudonymize data, making it non-identifiable and reducing the risk of data breaches while maintaining legitimate data processing.

Data Access & Deletion Requests

Graplix AI assists organizations in efficiently managing data access and deletion requests, ensuring prompt responses and compliance with individuals' rights.

Continuous Compliance Monitoring

Graplix AI ensures continuous monitoring of data sources according to the organization's data privacy rules, helping businesses adapt to changing regulations and maintain compliance over time.


Our solution empowers Compliance Officers, CIOs/CDOs, Auditors, Customers, and CHROs,
among others. It ensures data integrity and trust across an extensive array of sectors, addressing regulatory challenges.

Compliance Officer
  • Visualization of compliance at the stakeholder level in the company’s information systems.
  • Action plan with recommendations for automated compliance remediation monitored on a dashboard.
  • Compliance reports for government bodies in the event of an audit.
  • Collection of the company’s stakeholder data from all the information systems.
  • Automated data harmonization for a complete view of all stakeholder data, enabling actions on identified data compliance issues.
  • Inventory of the company's personal information.
  • Confidentiality incident management register.
  • Documented privacy impact assessment.
  • Compliance audits.
Graplix’s customer portal enables customers :
  • To access and update their personal data
  • To exercise their right to data portability
  • To give, restrict and withdraw their consent to the storage, processing and use of their personal data.
  • Protection of the personal data of current and past employes and applicants while retaining sufficient statistical information for accurate analytics on recruitment trends and attrition patterns.

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